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GodzillaGodzilla - Attention Jurassic Park and The Lost World fans: the sequel is already here! Godzilla completes the trilogy better than Spielberg himself could have hoped for...

Face/Off - The master of Double Action cinema makes a triumphant statement, showcasing "The Art of Zen, Woo 32, and You".

The Lost World - Spielberg clones Jurassic Park, but genetically enhances scenes to induce more laughter...

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Disaster Spells Laughter - The recent revival of catastrophe films has been welcomed wholeheartedly by the Double Action viewer.

Dreadful Demolition? - Judge Dredd and Demolition man - identical films? Stallone used the same script for both movies, honest.

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Highest Laughter Utilization Scene (100%) - Discover the action sequence which leaves DA viewers speechless...

Highest Laughter Signal to Noise Ratio - Finally, theater goers can experience the full force of SDSPL in a virtually silent theater...

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Best Catfight - Two women do what comes naturally...
Terms to Learn
Double Action - New to this site? Read the mission statement...

SDSPL - A new reference standard in describing laughter output.

Why Me??? - At last, an explanation of the most common question asked by doomed movie characters.

XBC - You've read and fantasized about it. Now you can experience it firsthand.

DPCSAP - A new movie antic that is both elegant and disturbing...

DPCSIT - A new movie antic that can embarrass even the most jaded Buffer Zone viewers.


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